Adverts That Seduce

Yes, you got that right. Adverts that seduce. Or maybe that should be ADVERTS SEDUCE. Of course, it is only to be expected. The advertisers’ only aim is for you to part with your money. That’s what they are being paid for and they will do anything to achieve this within the bounds of advertising laws of  the country they are answerable to. Creators of commercial advertising are well- versed in the art of seduction…SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION. They have subtle techniques of drawing people in. They target the consumers’ vulnerable spots. I never pay attention to adverts on TV. Sometimes though there are adverts that are so attention grabbing, one can’t help but sit up and take notice. Talk about targeting the vulnerable spots of your intended consumers, eh? Take for example DOVE, they sell beauty products and their adverts are all about feminine beauty, what is beauty, how to look beautiful, etc. A couple of years back (as far as I can remember), they started the concept of natural and unique beauty that is within every woman. That every woman should celebrate and be proud of her unique beauty whatever her size, shape, age and colour. Even before they started adapting that concept in their adverts; I have been using their hair and skin care products simply because the ingredients agree with me . Do I buy their concept that beauty is more than just skin deep? That a woman is more beautiful than she gives her self credit for? Of course I do! There is no harm in embracing a positive concept  for as long as one does not go overboard with it. Am I being subliminally seduced by the advertisers of DOVE? No, not for a second.  I always go for the products that work for me. No skin cream, shampoo or cosmetics could create a truly beautiful person. We find beauty. We don’t create it. Admittedly in a modern and polluted world we need the help of cosmetics and body care products to keep clean and healthy. As I grew older (and wiser I hope), I became less concerned with how I look to others and more concerned with the things I can do with what I’d been given.





You linger in the shadows of my dreams,
In a voice that echoes around
the empty chambers of my heart. 
A presence as unexpected as a summer rain,
An absence as heavy as the weight of nothingness.

We danced under the glow of the April moon,
And sang to the tune of a wordless song.
Lost in each other’s gaze, soft as gossamer wings.
It was a glimpse of short-lived infinity.

We might have loved in another life,
We will meet again in the next.
For there is a certainty that you will be back.
An invisible thread connects us.
It never mattered if we are together or apart.

Till then I shall wait for you in a timeless place
Where you are no longer a lingering shadow.
And in the empty chambers of my heart,
The echoes will become songs once again.

{©Jessica Annalee}






From Here to Infinity

From Here to Infinity

A billion light years away
Is the distance between your world and mine.
And the measure of a love that pierces
Through the vastness of space and time.

Is it fate and destiny?
Or just some random happenstance,
That two worlds collided
and hearts touched in an instant?

If this is not fated for the here and now,
With certainty we shall meet again
Someday, somewhere, somehow.

Because the measure of a love
that lives on through countless eternity
is from here to infinity.  {©Jessica Annalee}




Is destiny an immutable law?
Is it fate that takes us to places
we don’t as yet know?
Or is life a series of events in
random flow?

Does the universe contain
infinite possibilities?
Or does it end in a void of emptiness?

Are we part of a bigger plan,
through atomic fusion and molecular cohesion?
Or just an infinitesimal speck of dust
in the grander scheme of things?

Is it life that gives meaning to existence?
Or is it existence that gives meaning to life?

Every minutiae is analyzed.
Every tiny detail is scrutinized.
In an attempt to find meaning
In this existence we call living.

Beyond and yonder
the skies stretch in endless blue.
The answers to these questions
we might never know.
{©Jessica Annalee}
This poem came about after I’ve read an article about mathematicians theorizing that the world as we know it is just a hologram; a 2D projection of a multi-dimensional universe that is the real reality. Mind- boggling much. Needless to say, I did not finish the article and wrote this poem instead. The title is borrowed from the name of a network provider BLUEYONDER. Image


When you let your heart soar, it will take you to places you never expected or planned to be in. If you let it open your eyes to life’s endless possibilities, the joy will far outweigh any self-doubts and rejections you will encounter along the way.

Each Year is What I Make It

This time of year always gets me reflective about the year that is about to end and with a mixture of apprehension and anticipation; wonder what sort of year the next one is going to be. There will be questions like what have I done with it? What have I brought to it? Have I achieved something worthwhile this year? Have I loved hard enough? Worked hard enough? Tried hard enough? Really, there should ever be only one question that in itself  is also the answer: each year is what I make of it.

The year 2013 is going to be everything that I intend it to be.


Close Encounters of the Stranger Kind

No, this is not a science fiction or a horror story in time for Halloween. 🙂 I am simply referring to my encounters with random strangers on the streets. Most of these stranger encounters occur during my solitary walks. I walk anywhere whenever I could. Walking is an exercise as well as an outlet. I suppose there are people who are drawn to solitary walkers or maybe there’s something in my gait and demeanour that invite curiosity. Whatever it is, I’ve had my fair share of random conversations with random strangers in topics ranging from the mundane such as  hello, nice day aint it, asking the time of day or directions to a certain place; to the weird, funny and amusing. There was only one encounter that happened in a supermarket that is not entirely random, but I digress. These encounters also taught me one thing about human nature: people are innately well- meaning. So, here are some of the memorable ones that are at turns funny, confusing, weird and amusing.

Two Confused and Confusing Travellers

Two men were walking in my direction. They both had bulging backpacks and looked like travellers. One of them, the younger one was holding a piece of crumpled paper with writings on it. When he was within speaking distance he suddenly spoke to me in what I took to be Chinese. I was puzzled. He had the clearest, bluest pair of eyes I had ever seen and I must have looked utterly stupid as I stared up at him.

After what seemed like minutes I managed to say, “Sorry I don’t understand what you are saying.”  Then the older one spoke to him in another language I could not understand either (probably European) and they both walked away. Huh? What was that all about?

The Preacher  Who Spoke in Tongues 

I was running an errand for my husband. As was my habit I took the shorter route which is a narrow footpath that goes uphill. As I was striding uphill, a cyclist was pedalling downhill towards me; so I stopped and stood to one side next to a bench to give way to him. But then he also stopped. I thought he needed to ask for directions. He said the usual greetings and I answered back, impatient to get going. He then asked: “What do you believe in?” Sorry? “I meant, do you believe in God”? Of course I do. “Do you believe that you will be saved when the time comes?” To be honest, I haven’t the vaguest idea. “But you do believe in heaven and hell?” “Do you want to be saved?” By this point I started to panic as I was already running late and had a job to finish before the offices close. So I replied: Look, if the God you believe in advocates punishment for human  failures then by all means I’m going to hell wherever that is and whatever that means. He just looked at me unperturbed and said: “If you want to be saved you must accept the Holy Spirit in your life. One indication is that you will be speaking in tongues.” I retorted, I am already multi-lingual, thank goodness. I know I was being sarcastic but  couldn’t help it.

Finally he said, “Well I am only the messenger. It’s up to people to believe or accept the message I am trying to convey. Anyway, here’s the name of our church and our address if you change your mind.” With that, he pedalled away. I felt  a tiny twinge of guilt, just a tiny one and that was for being sarcastic. 🙂

The Upbeat Couple

A couple walking in front of me were laughing and talking loudly. Every now and then the man would pinch the woman’s bottom and they would both laugh even louder. When one of them  glanced back, they noticed me lagging behind. (I slowed down so as not to be too close to them). Suddenly the man turned to me and said, can you cook? So our conversation went like this: Yeah, I think so. Pointing in the woman’s direction he said, she can’t cook. She cannot cook anything at all. Do you cook Chinese food? Every now and then. Are you good at it? No, not really. I guess it’s limited to the basics. Then he turned to his female companion and pinched her arm. She did not join in the conversation but kept laughing or smiling the whole time. The man must have noticed me trying to get as far away as possible. He suddenly pulled me by the arm so I had no choice but to step on the kerb with them. Come on up here, don’t walk in the middle of the road. You have a good day now. And they walked off.

Then Italian Fish Monger

I was in the supermarket waiting for my turn to be served.

Fish Monger: Can I help you with anything madam?

Me: One pack of mussels please.

Fish Monger: Mussels, my favourite

Me: How do you prepare yours?

Fish Monger: How old do I think you are?

Me: No, I said how do you prepare your mussels.

Fish Monger: Hmmm…I just usually marinate them in white wine and then simmer for a  few minutes and add in a knob of butter and that’s it. Sometimes I use my Mom’s white sauce. She is Italian and she makes the best white sauce in the world.

Me: That’s interesting, might try that sometime, thanks for the idea.

He was waiting for me to ask for his Mom’s recipe but I did not. I want my mussels simply simmered in water and salt. 🙂

For Love of Written Words

The other day one of my sisters mentioned that when she was elected president of their college I wrote her acceptance speech for her. I was then in high school, but I could not for the life of me, remember ever having written a speech for her or anyone. I must have because she insisted on it and that it was about responsibility. With the benefit of hindsight, I wished I’d kept everything I’ve ever written since I started keeping records of my thoughts. Obviously one’s perspective and outlook change over time but the writing skill and style might or might not have  improved or changed.  Those journals would have been a useful tool for gauging whether my writing skills and style have vastly improved or remained constant through the years.

Having said that,  I do know that I am a moody writer in that I only write when it suits me and what suits me.  I suspect it’s true with anyone who loves to write. You could not really write down what you do not know or feel in the first place. For some it is even cathartic. The act of putting pent-up thoughts and emotions into words on paper could be a satisfying release.

Going back to my sixteen -year old self who wrote that speech; I wonder what went on her mind as she wrote it. What she was feeling and thinking that day. Needless to say, my “old woman” self now is immensely proud of the sixteen- year old girl she had been. It’s not everyday that your older sister asks you to write a speech she will be delivering  in front of fellow students and teachers who might be critical of every word. I’m glad she asked me then and reminded me about it now. 🙂

Forecasting the Future

A “clairvoyant” once approached me on the street and asked if I wanted a “reading”.  I was tempted to follow Daniel Craig‘s James Bond in Casino Royale. When asked if he wanted his Martini shaken or stirred, craggy Craig replied with a grim face: “do I look like I give a damn?”  Neither do I Mr. Bond. Instead, I politely declined; no thank you.There is nothing you can tell me about myself that I do not know already. As for the future, I don’t want to know about it. I don’t want my death foretold. I want to be surprised when it comes. That got her laughing all right.

If we know what’s going to happen in our future, would we feel more in control of our lives and the events happening in and around us? Would we be better prepared? Less worried, more reckless? I suppose it depends on how an individual handles life. As for me, I do not want to know at all. I just want to go with the flow and take each day as it comes.

What about you, do you believe in clairvoyance, tarot cards, horoscope and such? How would you feel if you know the things that are going to happen in your future?

Of Hopes and Chances

“When you really desire something, all the universe conspires to help you realize your dream.”-The Alchemist, Paolo Coelho

I do believe this to be true. Not so long ago, I prayed/asked God /the universe to grant me the one chance, just one chance for    something that I desire so much to come true; and it was granted. I will be forever grateful. So whatever you’re facing at the moment don’t lose heart. Your dreams, desires, wishes might come true yet. Just hang in there.  🙂

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